{Fills me With Joy}

At night, after a long day of working, working out, and cooking, it is hard to be motivated.  So, after vegging a bit and chatting on the phone with my brother while Hubby was at youth group, I kicked my booty into gear.  After a few chores, I got to work on some crafty projects for an upcoming event (more to come)! Here are the results!
I love punches.  Circle, scallop, tag, snowflake, etc.  I need more.  Definitely.
 Future Banner for someone special
 How cute are these little tags?  You can’t even be mad right now?
 Hugest paper pad ever. On sale.  Awesomeness.
 Again. Adorable.
 Nothing beats this, though.  My hubby.   Reading his book for Bible Study. Check the ring!  I love looking at that thing on his manly, hard-working, oil stained hand!
 Preparing to wake up extra early for some 6 am fellowship! 
He makes me happy.  Especially when he says things like he did last night.  Things like that he saw someone with a couple kids and thought about a friend who has a kid and another on the way and that it filled him with joy to think about having kids. Ummmm . . . what could I do?  I threw my arms around him and smiled. BIG SMILE.  We aren’t planning on kidsjust yet (althought it is tempting what with all our friends poppin’ out young’uns left and right), but knowing that he has such warm, fuzzy feelings about it makes me ecstatic.Besides, we all know that men become more attractive when they have kids.  It is like seeing a fairly good looking dude with a puppy.  It make him hotter.  Don’t deny it. To know my man will love our kids and be just as stoked as I will be about having them, is such a blessing! 
Yup. He’s a keeper. 
{What is your current craft?}

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