{Mi Casa, Su Casa Part I}

I promised some pics of my humble abode.  The bathroom is probably our most complete, choesively decorated room.  I suppose due to the face that it is the smallest.
I love our shower curtain.  Bold. Fun. Not too girly for my man!  Oh and we have the softest mat for cold feet after a shower.  Microfiber from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Like stepping on a cloud.  Get one.
Our paint is a super bright beacy teal color.  We were originally going to go with beige.  However, the countertop is old funky beige brown and deep red tile.  Attempting to match that was hard. It looked gross.  So, we did a 180 and went wuper bright.  It took the eye away from the tile. 
 It is happy.  It is fresh.
 One of my bridesmaids made this N for my wedding.  I love it!  Kleenex cover is from Pottery Barn.  Fan from the Philippines. Cabinet from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Oh the joys of gift cards and 20% off coupons.
 Pottery Barn!  I love these vintagey looking accessories!  Scott actually picked them out!  Kudos!
 Deeeeelightful . . . I know it isn’t Christmas anymore, but it is amlost Valentine’s Day . . . and this is pink . . . right?
 The clock was put in here becuase I couldn’t stand the sound of it ticking in the silence of our room and the fan in the bathroom hides it.  However, it is actually really awesome when I am rushing to get somewhere and need to keep an eye on the time.  The frames, which I need to finish filling are all black and white.  The Believe sign came from The Barn at their pre-Christmas 50% off sale (I missed the sale this year. Dang.).
 OK.  I know you are thinking, why is she showing a pic of her toilet brush?  Well, I adore this brush.  I use it every other day and it is discreetly hidden in this chic design.  Ha.  Actually, the best part of the design is the fact that I can pour toilet cleaner and water in it, to keep the brush always ready for cleaning.  Flylady (the cleaning guru) says that nothing says “I love you” like a clean toilet to throw up in.  Lovely, I know, but so true.
 What would a CEN-CAL bathroom be without something a little beachy, eh?
 These are my faves.  Absolute faves.  Vintagey. Adorable. Handy. LOVE THEM!  We also have some vintage his and her plaques that need a specific home.  Gotta work on that one.
 Again, why is she showing her drawer.  I admit, this drawer is not as organized as it once was, but even the haphazard way I tossed items into it, can’t stop the drawer organizer from doing its job.  I think it was designed for jewlery, but it works perfectly to store our toiletries.  Our bathroom is all about baskets and organizers like this! 
It makes it very easy to find the items you need!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Come back for more!
{What room in your house is your fave?}

2 thoughts on “{Mi Casa, Su Casa Part I}

  1. Too funny, I bought the same pottery barn number hooks and his and her signs last week! And we registered for that same cabinet! But I do need to know where that toilet brush is from!!

  2. Okay, that toilet brush idea is way too cool. Sooo…. where is it from AND what exactly do you soak it in?? I hate toilet brushes and this idea of sanitizing and hiding is brilliant!

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