{MONDAYS . . . tell me about it}

“Did you have a case of the mondays?”
This is a frequent question asked by my husband or I.  Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no.  In case you are wondering, a “case of the mondays” is not a good thing.  But, I probably don’t have to tell you that.  Merely imagine the carpenters singing “Rainy days and Mondays” and you’ll get the idea.
This particular Monday began with promise.  Coffee. Laundry. Bible. Good Morning Kisses.
The next thing I knew it was 5 to 7 and I was shoveling down oatmeal, chugging coffee, whipping myself into a halfway decent outfit that included red. It was stoplight day at school: red=taken, yellow=it’s complicated, green=available.  Why are they promoting teenage relationships?! Gross!  I am already sick of telling them to stop touching eachother.  Jeepers!  Anyway, out the door I went about 10 minutes late.  Still needed gas.  Had to make 165 vocab packets, rearrange all the desks and change my classroom board.  Hectic.  Is that how your Mondays are?  Is it only me?  
Then of course I had wallowed in my loneliness on Sunday and had postponed going to the grocery store.  I was stoked about the coupons I had printed online from Food 4 Less, but not so stoked about once again picking the LOOOOOOONGEST line.  I am a magnet for brand new employees . . . or actually, they would be the magnet since I go to them.  What does that make me?  UHHHH . . . I majored in English ok.  Getting married meant switching bank accounts, which means I do not currently have direct deposit, which of course meant a trip to the bank.
I had skipped the gym to “get more done”, but by the time it was all said and done, I was still home after 5.  I made hot cocoa and drank from the Kauai mug. mmmmm.  That got me going again. Amen for chocolate of any kind (insert hallelujah chorus)!

Mondays, despite being . . . well . . . Mondays . . . are sorta special.  On Mondays, my mother-in-law cooks for us.  She lives a few minutes away, so Scott and I will throw on comfy clothes (slippers are a must) and jet on over for some dinner, some laughs, and often some games!  She also shares my love or obsession, whatever you wanna call it, for chocolate.  How perfect, eh?  So, no matter how crazy Mondays are at first, they always end on a happy note.  Sometimes it is bittersweet since it often make me miss my family, but mostly it is sweet.  She loves us so much and we are so blessed that she is willing to show it by providing us with food, fun, and fellowship on the dreariest of weekdays!

Smile, honey!  Honey?  I guess it must be good!

Tonight was a yummy mexican dish with some ice cream and cookies after!  
I also finally realized my purse was super heavy because a hole had formed in my zippered pouch of my purse, causing a plethora of pens, 2 lip glosses, 3 chapsticks, Scott’s house keys, and more to be lost for months.  I found it all!

{What are your mondays like?}

P.S. Stay tuned for some home decor updates!


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