{Top Ten Thoughts}

1.  Missing my girlfriends:  I need some girl time, or woman time I guess!  Sometimes I miss the easy reliability of a high school girlfriend.  You know, the one you would crack up with all day, spend TONS of time with, and tell everything.  Easy friendship, like breathing.  Miss that.  Having a different working schedule than all my friends sometimes creates scheduling conflicts.  Can adults have play dates?  I need one!

2. Angry Birds:  Any wives out there shudder when they read those words?  Ya . . . can’t stand it.  Really?  Sling shotting electronic birds is more important than listening to my amazing stories about crafts?  C’mon!
3. My Nephew: Love Love Love Love Love Love.  Came crawling toward me like a speeding bullet for a snuggle last night.  Sigh.
4. Killer Casserole Dishes:  Had dinner with my brother and his wife last night.  Empty glass casserole dish on top of burner.  Burner turned on.  Giant explosion of glass all over kitchen.  No one hurt.  Linoleum burnt.  Scary. Crazy.  
Don’t set glass on a hot burner.
5.  Salon Lux:  Why did you schedule my hair appointment when my hairstylist wasn’t working?  Really?  Thankfully she is willing to do extra duty this weekend or this scraggly mop was going to hang around another month!
6. Shutterfly Calendars:  I love these!  What a great way to show pics.  I made Scott one for Christmas last year.  My brother (the photographer) makes my mom calendars of his work.  My Dad got a calendar of his grandson this year.  They rock.
7. Hazelnut Lattes.  I need to branch out.  I think I had a peppermint latte for 2 months straight (trying to get it while I could) then I realized it is available all year.  Totally ruined my whole ideal of the special seasonal, magical quality of peppermint mixed with coffee.  Sad.  So, I branched out.  It is usually vanilla or chai tea, but HAZLENUT made me 
oh. so. happy.
8. Education:  Can we stop trying new teaching trends, extra paperwork, new theories?  Can we just teach?  Can we just get to know our students?  Please.  You are burning me out on teaching!
9.  Man Day:  Saturday is Man Day, like official facebook invite and timeline’d day. for men. my man.  Then Sunday he is racing.  Good-Bye hubby.  I shall miss thee this weekend.
10.  It is Friday: PRAISE THE LORD!

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