{Making Simple Special}

My hubby loves me.  He does.  That feels good.  What also feels good is showing him I love him.  How do I do that?  I make the simple things special.  I help him.  I support him.  So, here is our little moment from last night.  I came home from work, caught a clip of dumb Oprah (don’t like her) share with the world that my town is THE HAPPIEST CITY IN AMERICA (wooh hoo), went for a walk and chatted with my mamma (I had forgotten my gym shoes at home), came home and started cooking and tidying up.  I knew that it was a youth group night.  My hubby helps with our church High School Group.  This means I either have a night to get ‘er done around the house or to go make absurdly cute crafts with the gf’s.  Either way, it means I only see hubby for approximately 30 minutes.  Well, I decided to make that thirty minutes count.  I had researched Calzone recipes earlier in the week and purchase the ingredients.  This idea came from a nostalgic memory we had of eating the most delectable Calzone in our bed, in Kauai, while watching a movie that was filmed in Kauai.  We’re Cool. I know.  The recipe required homemade pizza dough.  I used yeast.  For the first time.  It’s like the bread is alive.  It grows. It’s awesome.  Then I proceeded to make the most delicious and beautiful . . . like tear in the eye, be still my heart beautiful . . . calzones.  I paired it with a spinach salad, a candle, and some italian tunes on Pandora and told my man it was our 15 minute date night.  To say he was pleased would be an understatement. 

“Can I worship you?” He said.
“No,” I said. (He was being sarcastic . . . He isn’t a heretic), “You can love me.”
“Oh good.”
He said it looked like something you would get at a restaraunt.  Then he tasted it and said it tased like something you would tell other people, “Dude, you haaaave to try this” when you recommended the restaraunt. 
I clasped my hands in joy at this!  I frequently ask hubby if he likes his meals and he almost always says yes and sometimes offers some-much appreciated-constructive suggestions.  But tonight, I didn’t need to fish for compliments.  He was aaaaalll over them.  Insert fuzzy warm feelings and pearly whites showing. 
Then . . . sniff sniff . . . I am getting choked up . . . he expressed his thanks and his joy and said . . .
“Wow babe.  You make me great dinners, and breakfast (I brought him coffee, eggs, and pancakes this week when he sat down to read his Bible in the a.m.), and you pack me good lunches, and last time you made the bed with the pillows the way I like them instead of the way you like them.  Don’t think I don’t notice.” 
This made me happy.  Really happy.  I serve my husband because I love him.  It makes him happy.  It makes his life easier.  It builds trust and respect and L-O-V-E.  So even though I only saw him for a short time last night, it was meaningful time.  It brought us closer.  I love that.
{How do you make the most of your time with your stud?}

2 thoughts on “{Making Simple Special}

  1. LOVE this blog…I made calzones for my family a couple weeks back. Veggie stuffed calzones-soo good!! (Yours look super fab. as well!!) I roasted green summer squash (zucchini), onion, red bell pepper, mushroom, and broccoli with garlic salt and olive oil for 10-15 minutes, prepped the dough while veggies roasted (store bought-[pillsbury “pizza dough”] or home prepared)–Spread pesto sauce around the 15″ pizza dough, plopped veggies on there, covered with mozzarella cheese, and baked for 25 minutes! Perfect meal for two. I love calzones! Thanks for sharing your fast but fun night together!!

  2. love this post. it amazes me how simple it is to show my husband love and I kick myself on days i miss opportunities to do so! LOVE the comment about the pillow arrangement – I think little things like that are the ones I need to work on the most… i can be sooo OCD sometimes! i want to not care about doing things my way and put my husbands needs before my own… yay for learning to be a suitable helper!! 🙂

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