{Nifty Gifty}

OK.  So if you are a blog expert, which I do not think I am.  I still often respond with: huh, what, where, who, when people discuss the blog world.  So there is this thing, or event, called Blissdom.  Nice, right, like Utopia; it sounds amazing!  Anyway it is for bloggers, the good ones, the ones people actually read, the ones who sell stuff or inspire you.  Well, I ahve recently discovered this underground world of women at my church who are exactly those type of people.  Think amazing, life changing, filled with ideas . . . and superpowers (they must be).  A gaggle of them are off to *Blissdom*.  Was that a chorus of angels I just heard?  Along with being incredibly interesting and talented people, they are giving.  Hence the nifty gifty title.  They are doing some fun giveaways while they are feeling Blissful and discussing their ridiculously amazing blogs with other ridiculously amazing bloggers.  Visit life.rearranged to hear more about these giveaways and beware . . . you may get sucked in! 
Today’s giveaway if for The Pleated Poppy (insert heart flutter) whose products I adore.  I can’t justify buying all her stuff for myself, so I buy it and save it for gifts.  Then at least I can look at it, touch it . . . I know TMI right?  Anyway . . . check her out and post on life.rearranged to enter the giveaway.  Adios blogging amigos.  I am heading to wifedom!
Here are a few teaser items . . . you can’t resist. . . you are clicking on her link now aren’t you?

the pleated poppy blog


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