{Winter Wonderland}

Yes. I have been M.I.A. since Thursday!  It was for good reason, however!  Hubby and I used some flight miles to take a little weekend trip.It was wonderful and I feel refreshed! Friday morning we flew to Reno and then drove up the mountain to Lake Tahoe!  I love Tahoe and even lived there one summer, but Mr. had never seen the lake.  Man, was he amazed!  We had beautifully sunny weather and a room with a view. sigh.
Of course, we did have to take a tiny prop plane out of SLO (I am not too keen on flying) and then our second plane (just a smidge larger) had a 15-year old stewardess with braces and the kid outside working the tarmac was texting!  EEK!  But, we made it alive to . . .
 CROSS COUNTRY SKI . . . which we need a little work on . . . yup . . .
 Once the five year olds starting passing us, after Scott ate it in front of a competitive group of children skiiers, and after asking a little skier how old she was and hearing “4”, we were a bit ashamed of our performance
 But, we took the most difficult hill to get the most amazing view (pictures don’t do it justice) of the lake!
 We stopped for a hot chocolate break at the hut!
 Chilled at our hotel in long johns, while checking out our FANTASTIC view
 Ate at log cabiny-type joints
 Then I panicked about not being able to get tickets to True Grit, since there are only three theatres on the North Shore.  However, after realizing that the theatre doesn’t open until 20 minutes before the show, and after seeing this room . . . my fears were put to rest.
 We drove around the ENTIRE lake!
 and wore cool snow boots
 rode the M.S. Dixie II to Emerlad Bay
 which allowed us to have lunch with an incredible view!
 We took a sleigh ride and sang dashing through the snow . . .
 with Major!
 Stopped at the top of Emerlad Bay on our way around the lake,
 Went to Truckee
 and Donner Lake
We had a wonderful time in this mountainous winter wonderland.  God’s creation is spectacular!!  I can’t wait for our next adventure! Until then . . .
{What is your favorite winter vacation spot?}

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