{fabric galore. dreams to infinity}

I have too many ideas.  My husband always tells me this.  He says my mind works faster than most people.  He says that my version of being lazy is other people’s version of getting a lot done.  Sometimes my ideas turn into awesome things!  Like the wall memory art I made  15 minutes after saying “honey, I have an idea” while on my way to brush my teeth at 9:30 at night. 
Sometimes, though, I overwhelm myself.

I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  I made curtains.  Then, I came up with a million and ONE ideas of what I wanted to sew next.  Unfortunately, I only have two hands.  However, there is hope.  Today some girlfiriends and I met a woman from our church at Beverly’s Fabrics and she helped us choose fabric for our projects and explained necessities like thread, zippers, yardage, etc.  She will be giving us lessons, starting next week.  HOW FUN.  What a blessing to attend a church with so many gifted woman and to have a group of friends who’s brains work (at least a little bit) like mine!
I want to keep my original pillows and I was deciding between these fabrics.  We decided the green, although my fave color, didn’t go with everything else.
Here is the final stash!  I am planning on 3 16 inch pillows that have different fabric on each side (the patterned fabric) and two large 20 inch reading pillows out of the plain colors, with some white rick-rack!
Enough dreaming, time to finish dinner, and then off to do crafts with the girls!
{What is your favorite D.I.Y. or crafty accomplishment?}
p.s. mine was probably my wedding

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