{Followers. Are you there?}

Hello to all of you bloggers and blog followers.  It has been amazing me lately how many people actually read my little blog!  With a whopping 4 followers, I was thinking, “well, at least I enjoy it”, but apparently many more of you have stopped by to take a peek!  THANKS!  Those of you who comment have received my responses and I love hearing your thoughts and conversing with you through blog-land!  I’d love to chat with you non-commenting non-official-followers as well, but I don’t know who you are!
So, anyway, I wanted to say THANKS!  Thanks a bunch for checking out my blog!  Don’t forget about www.chapter13weddingsandevents.blogspot.com.  Also, coming soon is www.chapter13weddingsandevents.com.  Hopefully by Monday of next week at the latest!
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