{Bookworm Delights}

I am a bookworm.  Not gonna lie. Sometimes it is scary how fast I can read through a book!  Since becoming a teacher, my genre cache has expanded.  I’ve added Sci-Fi and Fantasy to my historical, classical, and inspirational repetoire.  In the midst of all this pleasure reading, I want to stay focused on what matters most.  I want to use my ability to read quickly for God’s glory.  So, I read books that teach me to serve HIM better.  Right now, I am re-reading a book I read a number of years ago as a single woman.  I want to recommend this book to you if you are married or single.  Whatever. It don’t matter yo!  It is called Beautiful in God’s Eyes and it is by Elizabeth George.  It follows the Proverbs 31 woman and explains her tasks and talents and characteristics as they related to the culture of her time period and to us as women today.  It pretty much rocks.  Find it at Amazon.com! Enjoy!

RIGHT NOW I AM READING (yes, at the same time):
1. The Kite Runner (a re-read since I am teaching it to my sophomores right now)
      a couple chapters during my prep period
2. Three Cups of Tea (Reading becuase I was curious and it could work as a supplemental text from my Asian Lit.)
      as many pages as I can squeeze in during lunch
3. Persuasion (Duh, Jane Austen is uh-mazing)
      when I get some free time . . . usually a few minutes before I drift off at night
4. The aforementioned text!
      in the early morning!
5. A.W. Pink The Sovereignty of God (becuase it is legit)
       now and again
6. The Bible
       in the even earlier morning
7.  I am hoping to add Harry Potter 6 to list as soon as my lovely, darling, sweet student returns it!    on free-read fridays in room 508!

{What are you reading?}

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