{Mom and Thrift Stores}

My mom is in town!  I begged her to come (what with all my time off) and she came!  We made our guest room habitable (added a double bed, decorative pillows, framed pics of all those who will most likely use the room, and an over the door rack for hanging bags.
Yesterday, after a walk downtown for coffee and store browsing, we picked up my sis-in-law and nephew and headed out for some Thrift Shopping!  A lot of the stores were misses, but we did find some treasures along the way.  Thrift shopping requires patience, dedication, and a creative mind.  You have to be able to imageine something looking better than it does or being used for a unique purpose.  I have grand plans in mind when it comes to thrifting, but yesterday started small:
 Love these white vases!  I want to obtain numerous sizes and shapes!  They are currently making a cute centerpiece on my otherwise bare kitchen table!  I also need to add some live flowers to them . . . hubby?
 The jade green vase adds a pop of color that I adore!  The old box camera represents my artsy hippy side!  I took photography in college and have since been obsessed with the craft and the history!  Nerd, I know!  So, a vintage camera collection is next on my list.
Remember the hospitality sets I mentioned I was collecting?  Well, I added two more plates and cups yesterday!!  Yippee!!  I had never seen the milk white ones before, but I adore them!  I am up to 8 plates and 5 cups now!  I am hoping to have enough for a dear friend’s baby shower coming up!
{What is your favorite thrift store find?}

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