New Year Resolutions

I haven’t thought of any resolutions.  Not a single one.  I could try to work out more consistently (it has sorta slipped since marriage).  I could promise to keep my house perfectly clean every day (but Flylady would be mad).  I could plan to read a certain number of pages in the year (pretty sure I’d surpass it in the first month).  I prefer to make resolutions whenever I am convicted about something.  I already know I want to work out more consistently, keep the house clean, read, read the whole Bible through, love my husband better, become an amazing seamstress, and many other things.  I think the biggest thing for me in 2011 is going to be work.  I need to be content at work!  Ever since I was involuntarily moved from teaching 7th grade to teaching 10th, I have enjoyed teaching less.  But, I have five months left of this year and then there will be some possible changes on the horizon . . . STAY TUNED!  I will strive for contentment.  Couldn’t hurt, right?
{What is your New Year’s Resolution?}
Here are some memories from last year’s New Year’s Party!
Darren visited the old Nelson apartment .

The boys played “Donminoes”, Danielle was pregnant, Chelsea and Jonathan were engaged . . .

Picnic at Terrace Hill (pre-engagement)

Luke not born yet!
WOW!  A lot has changed . . . what will we see in 2011?

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