{Man, I feel like a WOMan}

Having three weeks off of work for Christmas break is both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing becuase I desperately need a break from teaching, I can get a lot done, I can see family, and I can rest!  However, it is a curse because I get into habits I can’t continue and it makes me long to stay-at-home even more!  Oh, what a conundrum!  However, I am grateful for this time.  I have been able to sleep in a bit, crochet a lot, organize and purge some areas of my home, make plans for the future (more to come on that), and  . . . (drumroll please) start sewing.  Now, understand me here, I have never taking sewing: not in school, not in community classes, not from grandma.  My mom helped me sew felt stockings at Thanksgiving and showed me how to thread the bobbin and the needle over Christmas.  Now (gulp) I’m on my own.  With that being said, I am fairly proud of my new project!  I made curtains to replace the (clearly handmade) ones over our sink.  They were a striped pattern that I wasn’t fond of.  I purchased an “ok” pattern from the sale fabric pile at Beverly’s and whipped these out yesterday!

Ignore the LOOOOVELY cabinets of our rental unit!
I also made little tie backs for them!  There is just enough fabric left over for me to make one panel that will be used to cover the random plywood shelf and abyss to the right of the sink!  That is my job for today!  I feel like a real homemaker now (at least for a week and a half longer).  I don’t care how cliche or “old fashioned” people think it is for a wife to clean, bake, and sew; I looooove doing those things!  YAY!
{What is your favorite hobby?}

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