{ Shout OUT }

I wanna make a shout out to Sherie Stombaugh at SoShe on Etsy!  She made me this necklace as a wedding present and I pretty much have to force myself to not wear it every day! CHECK out her work: hand stamped stuff and purses!  Super Cute!
I also want to shout out to Michaels’s for their yarn, to my hubby for the crochet book he gave me 2 years ago, to beverly’s for selling fabric scraps, to leftover buttons for being so handy, and to The Pleated Poppy for inspiration! This shop is pretty much uh-mazing!
If you want to see other hats I’ve made, check out my etsy account! 
Also, three cheers for Doris Day!  She kept me entertained this week while I crocheted!  I can knock out about 1 hat per movie!  Hat #4 tomorrow!!!!

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