{The wonderland of TARGET}

Living in SLO does have its drawbacks.  One of them is that you become so accustomed to only driving 5 minutes to get ANYWHERE, that the thought of driving 30 minutes to a store causes you to become pale and weak.  However, grab a few girlfriends and one adorable 10 month old and the trip is well worth it!  Today I rounded up Hannah, Nicole, Chelsea and Luke of course and we made the trek to Target.  I’m pretty sure my mouth watered when I entered.  Not only did I arrive with a $50 gitft card, but after a few returns of wedding registry duplicates, I had a total of $110 of other people’s money to spend.  Why, you may ask, is TARGET so magnificent?  Well, first off, they have everything.  Second, they carry many adorable lines.  Third, the prices are reasonable!  I refrained from buying everything I wanted (but there is still internet shopping . . .) and only spent $50 of my own money.  I came away with two perfect braided rugs for my kitchen, a butter tray (at hubster’s request), two leather magazine holders (on clearance), a two thumbs up gift for the man of the house (more about that later), some glittery white and silver snowflakes (currently adorning our tree), a broom, a pair of leggings and a ridiculously adorable top in  my fave clothing color (gray)!  Needless to say, I arrived home a happy girl with plans spinning in my head for lamps in the master bed and organizers for my craft area and office!


One thought on “{The wonderland of TARGET}

  1. You need to get more blog followers…I feel a little like a stalker right now! Haha. I was at Target today, too. I also had a $50 gift card, which was quickly spent!

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