{The Miracle of Wedding Registry}

“It’s a miracle” I exclaimed over and over as I jumped up and down in my kitchen.  What, you wonder, brought on such excitement and wonder?  It was my cookie dough scooper.  Yes, folks, I am delighted with this kitchen tool.  Who know such perfect round cookies could be placed onto the cookie sheet with precision and no mess?  I had hitherto only used a trusty spoon and index finger, creating lumpy cookies and quite a mess!  I registered for the cookie dough scooper and finally last night had an opportunity to use it!  I was ecstatic!  It simply amazed me.  Yes, my husband laughed at my exuberence, but I don’t care.  This is a momentous occasion in my life!  No more jealous glares towards all the cool kitchen gadgets my married friends have . . . I am part of the club now.  Why did I wait until I registered to buy such a simple tool.  I HAVE NO IDEA!  I merely know that I am thankful that someone, somewhere, had the brains to invent the cookie dough scooper. AMEN!
{What is your favorite kitchen gadget?}

One thought on “{The Miracle of Wedding Registry}

  1. lol, i found your blog through the pleated poppy, and just have to say, I agree with you 100%! The cookie scooper is definitely one of my fave kitchen gadgets too 🙂 Now i can make pretty cookies.

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