{Co-ed Christmas Crafts}

Hubby and I crafted together!  It was so fun!  Scott made the traditional paper chain: this is a green and red construction paper chain I use to always make for my brother.  You pull of one chain each day until Christmas!  I made a Merry Christmas sign, inspired by Hannah, my sis-in-law.  Then we drank cocoa, listened to Christmas music, and wrapped gifts!  We are almost done already. HOORAY!  I was very impressed with my husband’s wrappin’ skills.  To continue the merriment, my husband brought home a Christmas gift the next night: my bike revamped with a new seat, tires, and a tune-up!  What a sweetie.  Now, I only have one more day of teaching and 72 essays left to grade before I can immerse myself into cleaning, crafts, and coffee chats for three weeks!  Lord, keep this sickness away and Christmas: HERE I COME!

{What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?}


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