{‘Tis the Season}

There are only 10 days until Christmas Eve!  I am excited to see my family and to celebrate Christ’s birth this year with my husband!  Christmas this year is different in so many good ways!  Now that I no longer live by myself in a shoebox, I have a Christmas tree!  It is beautiful and smells amazing and I love it, despite the fact that no matter how many times I twist the bulbs, I can’t get the top row of lights to work!

I was also able to decorate our front porch with lights, my mini-tree from last year, and a homemade wreath (grapevine wreath, various fake foliage, and silver pinecones).  Of course our porch was already looking classy thanks to our friend Jaz who gifted us with this pottery barn doormat!

Welcome to our nest!
I also have great aspirations in the sewing world and made some stocking for Scott and I out of felt (just like my mom did for my family).  I plan to upgrade these next year!
I also love to keep my favorite Christmas cards and use them as decorations!  This year, with some help from good ol’ Martha, I made this wreath!  It was circular until the MR. “helped” by sticking his own card on.

A few scented pinecones, vases from michael’s, a candle, and a sprig of dougals fir are my centerpiece this year.  I’m hoping to sew a table runner for next year!

Growing up, I always set up my mother’s Christmas Village.  Last year, she bought me my first piece: a schoolhouse to represent my teaching career!

Finally, to top it off, we purchased a delightful candle from Bath and Body works (with the help of amazing sales and coupons) that smells like Christmas; really, there is no other way to describe it!

There you have it; Christmas at the Nanningas’.  It’s simple this year and still in the works!  Someday we’ll amp it up, but we’ve got plenty of time for that!  Stay tuned for gift ideas!

{What is your favorite Christmas Decoration?}

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