{The Ring}

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  We’ve all heard this phrase, repeated it, and perhaps attempted to practice it.  Beyond merely looking at the inside is the need to work on the inside!  Lat night, while driving with my beloved to dinner, we realized Scott had left his ring at home. Schucks!  He hated not weraring it. CUTENESS.  He then mentioned that the ring has a rough spot on it now, but what less could we expect considering the hard-working man that he is?  I expected to feel sad and upset and momentarily contemplated buying a new one.  That’s when I realized that a ring is like a marriage.  Even if there are rough spots, we don’t give up or trade it in for a new one.  We remember instead its symbolic meaning and what it represents: our LOVE.  Those rough spots give it character and remind me of how much my husband loves me; so much, in fact, that he wears his ring even when doing rough work.  He is proud of it and of us!  God Bless the rough spots!

{How has God blessed you this week?}

On another note, the waiter at dinner looked incredibly familar.  It was driving me nuts.  I kept telling Scott, “I know him and I can picture him somewhere wearing Wranglers, boots, a button-up shirt and a heavily curled baseball cap!”  I finally asked him, “Did I teach you?”  Turns out, I was right!  Cody, from the horrid junior class I taught during my full-time student teaching experience at SLO high, is now 21!  Yikes, I’m OLD!!!!  He proceeded to talk to us all night, reminiscing about high school and all the pranks his class performed and how horrible they all were and how they use to all give me such a hard time.  I actually left feeling much better!  I hadn’t been a horrible student teacher after all, they were a rough class all around!  Scott laughed when I said, “Imagine that personality at 17 and surrounded by all his buddies!”  It’s no wonder I almost wound up in tears half the time!!  Well, God used that time to prepare me for my career and I wouldn’t trade it because it was part of his plan.  Gotta love those crazy high-school kids!


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