Baby #3: 39 weeks


You guys.

I. am. huge.

39 weeks and counting and still no baby. It is pretty much all I think about, every waking minute.

Each Braxton Hicks, each twinge, each ache . . . they all make me overanalyze and wonder . . . could this be it?

I am really, really hoping for a baby this weekend for a number of reasons:

  1. It works out well for my mom to come.
  2. It works out well for hubby’s time off from work.
  3. It works out well for my time off from work.
  4. There is a church event I have been planning that is next weekend and I REALLY want to go!
  5. I. am. huge.

This third pregnancy is admittedly the most uncomfortable one I’ve experienced. Something to do with the two kids I already have and my lack of exercise. hmmmm.

To top it all off, I came down with a gnarly cold yesterday.  HOORAY!  I am praying that I kick the cold before labor begins or at least stop coughing.  Coughing and contractions does not seem like a fun combo.




In good news, I have accomplished a ridiculous amount of projects and feel pretty prepared.

In bad news, I keep thinking I’ve stocked up, grocery shopped, and cleaned various parts of the house for the last time before baby . . . aaaaand then she doesn’t come and I have to do it again.

Yesterday, I sewed a rice pack for heating up and using during those lovely nursing contractions.

Today, I plan on making a new boppy cover because why the heck not?! I’m also doing weird nesting things like washing all the sheets again and all the pillow covers in the house.

I’ve reorganized pretty much everything and sold some stuff via craigslist and I CAN’T STOP from doing 5 million things because it is better than twiddling my thumbs and waiting.

Hubby and I both have had haircuts and I finally used last year’s gift certificate for a mani, pedi.

Today I took the girls to the library to stock up on some new books and I hope our little one arrives before they get tired of reading them. HA!



The official due date is the 20th.  When do you think she’ll come?

I can’t believe this little one will soon be in our arms.  I am eager to see what she looks like and so very eager to see her sisters’ reactions to her.  Just today, as we were snuggled in bed reading books before nap time, they both laid their little heads on my tummy, rubbed it gently and kept saying her name in the sweetest of voices.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet girl.

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{Ellery’s 2nd Birthday}

I was at a loss as to a theme for Ellery’s birthday party for so long.  I told my husband, “All she likes is shoes!”

So, we went with that and had a dress-up theme!  It was perfect and she became even more obsessed with dress up over the past few months while I was planning!

We had to rent a location since her birthday is in the winter and our home is too small for an indoor party.  It was wonderful because I was able to rent the old historic schoolhouse that I have always loved and it did rain on the day of her party.

Decor was pretty simple.  Gold, black, white, and a little teal.

Some metallic doorway decor, some sparkly signs, a couple gold balloons, white christmas lights, some signs and pics of the babe.

I kept the food easy as well.  Pretty much all pre-packaged stuff and then some boxed cupcake mix.

I focused more on having good activities since I knew a lot of older kids would be there.

We had dress-up clothes, face paint, mask making, and cookie decorating!

Ellery had a blast and it was a special day for her.  I think her favorite part were the balloons! HA!

Can’t believe our “baby” is two!IMG_5892_MG_5899_MG_5910_MG_5912IMG_5920IMG_5932_MG_5933IMG_5940IMG_5930IMG_5906IMG_5908IMG_5941IMG_5904IMG_5905



{Baby #3: 36 weeks}

baby3 -36weeks

36 weeks. Full term.

This pregnancy is drawing to a close. Suddenly we are looking at less than four weeks before a new little one will join our family.

Overall, I would say I am feeling pretty good, but these last few weeks have definitely marked a change. If I could sit on the couch all day I gladly would. If I could sleep in until eight or nine each morning, I probably would. The crazy movements and braxton hicks have become more painful and uncomfortable and less enjoyable. I’ve had a few real contractions here and there. Sleeping is pretty much uncomfortable no matter which position I attempt.

But, other than that, I feel great, ha!







We’ve been knocking projects off our list and I know we won’t get to all of it, but there are still some things we’d love to do.

The baby clothes and diapers are ready. The bassinet it set up. We reorganized all the closets in the house to improve storage, we’ve purged and rearranged and created nooks and storage for a new person’s things to fit in our tiny abode.

I still want to deep clean, spray paint a few items in the girls’ room, do a little sewing and crocheting, hang a few decorative items, wash the baby carriers, clean out the infant car seat, and . . . well you see what I mean!

Mostly, I am just looking forward to snuggling our baby and seeing what she will look like!

Here we go!

_MG_5968 _MG_5969

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{The Third Time}



This pregnancy has been humming right along and as we near little one’s due date I am getting eager to hold her and to experience a third baby.

I was just telling my husband last night that I’m excited for the special ways in which we will enjoy this child.  With two babies behind us, we have learned so much to help us enjoy and savor this newest one.



I am eager to hold and snuggle and babywear constantly.  I am eager to just let it go if she won’t fall asleep on her own right at four months and I’ll simply sling her on my body instead.

I am grateful that God has grown me these past three and a half years as a mother and brought me to a place of greater patience (notice I said greater patience, not complete patience . . . ahem) and to a slower pace of life.

I am excited for the ways we have been simplifying our home in order to make room for a third babe (and fifth person) in our little 816 square foot abode.

I am looking forward to each sigh, gurgle, and wiggle as I have seen these times fly by with my other two.

I am thankful for the perspective I have and for knowing that each phase of newborn, infant, and toddler life is simply that . . . a phase.  They won’t always nurse all night, they won’t always be teething, they won’t always refuse to eat solids.  Each phase, though often difficult and exhausting and even painful at the time, passes so quickly and will soon be a fleeting memory.

I am hoping to begin new traditions.  I am longing to pray continually and specifically for this daughter and each of my daughters.

I am not “ready” in terms of stuff and space and energy, but I am so ready in my heart for this child.


{30 Weeks – Baby #3}

baby3-30weeks    _MG_5675 _MG_5676 _MG_5678

Third trimester.


I am getting so excited to hold this sweet girl.  We are in the throes of preparations: organizing, purging, making purchases, pre-registering, etc.

I love it.  There is a lot to do, but we still have ten weeks or so left, so I am feeling good about the timeline.



We had an ultrasound on Friday to check baby’s growth. She is measuring about 6 days small, but still growing and apparently in love with the placenta as she was hugging it and even licking it while we watched!

I feel huge and am at the point where I sorta despise photos of myself and I’m bummed that we didn’t take family photos or maternity photos before I reached this point.

With two other kiddos and a heat wave over the summer, exercise just has not been a priority at all.  However, since this is the third baby I have learned that I will gain a lot of weight while pregnant and then . . . it will go away . . . so I’m not very anxious about it.  Just not thrilled my profile. HA!

I had a baby shower over the weekend and had a lovely time celebrating this new addition to our family.

You are so loved little girl.  Can’t wait to see your sweet face and kiss it!

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{These Days}

The days have been rolling by with a sort of rhythm lately.  A good rhythm.  One that leaves room for spontaneity and for rest and sometimes I still don’t get a shower in, but that is just fine.

13 11  9 7 6    1

Right now I’m sitting on my bed, snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, while hubby bathes the kiddos.  Dinner is done and there a few dishes that still need washing and I should be putting away the clean laundry, but I’m giving myself a “mommy time out”.

I’ve been doing these “mommy time outs” here and there.  When the whining and “mommy, mommy, mommy” and fighting start to overwhelm me or when I begin to feel annoyed with my toddlers for little things or when my back hurts and I am overly exhausted, I know it is time.  Time for me to sneak away and ignore the shrieks and to just rest.

Sometimes it looks like folding laundry on my bed while listening to an encouraging podcast.  Other times it is some alone time for Bible study.  I have even read a chapter or two in a book just for fun.  Yet other times I just do the dishes and clean the kitchen alone and with no interruptions while listening to worship music.

These time outs have been so refreshing for me and hubby is happy to take the reigns for 30 minutes or an hour or so when I tell him my soul needs it.  It is so much better than struggling on and snapping at my kids or my husband as a result!



But, really, life has been very sweet lately.  There have been some good shifts in my thinking, some good encouragement and resources building me up, some good old fashioned organizing and purging, some good (for being 30 weeks pregnant with wakeful toddlers) sleep.  All of it has contributed to days that run more smoothly and to nights that are more relaxing.

I know that this life is not without sacrifice and not without suffering as we were reminded in our sermon this past Sunday, but there is still value in pursuing a life that is not complete and utter chaos.  There were times I felt that way, that my life was chaos, and I hated it.  So, these past few months have really been refreshing.  Oh, there are still tantrums and spills and continual dishes and laundry.  There are still financial stresses and projects and so. mnay. things. to. do. but it all just seems less stressful somehow and that, my friends, is the difference.


We rise with the kiddos a bit after 6am each day.  We make our morning beverages and cook up some breakfast.  We eat around the table and read the verse of the day from daddy’s app on his phone.  We give hugs and kisses and send daddy off.  We tidy up the kitchen and color and play.  We go outside for hours on end and mommy sometimes sneaks in Bible study or grading while the kids dig in the dirt.  We drink smoothies and eat snacks and the wee one naps.  We read books and do “School” and mommy cleans up.  There is tea time and Bible study after nap and maybe a walk or more time outside or an errand or lunch with daddy.  Then, we clean up for daddy and play some more while mommy folds laundry or preps for dinner.  Sometimes there is Curious George or the special treat of a movie.  Then, daddy is home and dinner is served and we gather together.  Play time follows and mama cleans up.  Then, off to brush our teeth with daddy and get our jammies on.  Some books on the couch, prayers in bed, plenty of blankets for the girls who now share the same twin bed.  Mommy and Daddy sneak off to exercise, or grade papers or study the word, or veg wit some netflix while pounding down delicious ice cream.  We check on our babes and head off to bed and someone may wake up in the night and then it begins again the next day.

And it is sweet.

These simple days.  They may seem monotonous or arduous to some and I suppose it is a bit like that. But this rhythm is a good one and I am so thankful for it.  Tomorrow could be helter skleter and I could wind up in tears at the end, but I know that is not going to be the pattern of our days.  I’m feeling ready for our third little nugget to join this family.  Ready to meet the challenge of three children under the age of four.

I may need to have more mommy time outs, but that is fine and good too.  Those times will come and I will meet them head on and will meet with my Lord in them. He is the drummer creating the rhythm and it is all, after all, for Him.