{The Third Time}



This pregnancy has been humming right along and as we near little one’s due date I am getting eager to hold her and to experience a third baby.

I was just telling my husband last night that I’m excited for the special ways in which we will enjoy this child.  With two babies behind us, we have learned so much to help us enjoy and savor this newest one.



I am eager to hold and snuggle and babywear constantly.  I am eager to just let it go if she won’t fall asleep on her own right at four months and I’ll simply sling her on my body instead.

I am grateful that God has grown me these past three and a half years as a mother and brought me to a place of greater patience (notice I said greater patience, not complete patience . . . ahem) and to a slower pace of life.

I am excited for the ways we have been simplifying our home in order to make room for a third babe (and fifth person) in our little 816 square foot abode.

I am looking forward to each sigh, gurgle, and wiggle as I have seen these times fly by with my other two.

I am thankful for the perspective I have and for knowing that each phase of newborn, infant, and toddler life is simply that . . . a phase.  They won’t always nurse all night, they won’t always be teething, they won’t always refuse to eat solids.  Each phase, though often difficult and exhausting and even painful at the time, passes so quickly and will soon be a fleeting memory.

I am hoping to begin new traditions.  I am longing to pray continually and specifically for this daughter and each of my daughters.

I am not “ready” in terms of stuff and space and energy, but I am so ready in my heart for this child.


{30 Weeks – Baby #3}

baby3-30weeks    _MG_5675 _MG_5676 _MG_5678

Third trimester.


I am getting so excited to hold this sweet girl.  We are in the throes of preparations: organizing, purging, making purchases, pre-registering, etc.

I love it.  There is a lot to do, but we still have ten weeks or so left, so I am feeling good about the timeline.



We had an ultrasound on Friday to check baby’s growth. She is measuring about 6 days small, but still growing and apparently in love with the placenta as she was hugging it and even licking it while we watched!

I feel huge and am at the point where I sorta despise photos of myself and I’m bummed that we didn’t take family photos or maternity photos before I reached this point.

With two other kiddos and a heat wave over the summer, exercise just has not been a priority at all.  However, since this is the third baby I have learned that I will gain a lot of weight while pregnant and then . . . it will go away . . . so I’m not very anxious about it.  Just not thrilled my profile. HA!

I had a baby shower over the weekend and had a lovely time celebrating this new addition to our family.

You are so loved little girl.  Can’t wait to see your sweet face and kiss it!

baby3 - 7weeks  baby314weeks baby319weeks


{These Days}

The days have been rolling by with a sort of rhythm lately.  A good rhythm.  One that leaves room for spontaneity and for rest and sometimes I still don’t get a shower in, but that is just fine.

13 11  9 7 6    1

Right now I’m sitting on my bed, snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, while hubby bathes the kiddos.  Dinner is done and there a few dishes that still need washing and I should be putting away the clean laundry, but I’m giving myself a “mommy time out”.

I’ve been doing these “mommy time outs” here and there.  When the whining and “mommy, mommy, mommy” and fighting start to overwhelm me or when I begin to feel annoyed with my toddlers for little things or when my back hurts and I am overly exhausted, I know it is time.  Time for me to sneak away and ignore the shrieks and to just rest.

Sometimes it looks like folding laundry on my bed while listening to an encouraging podcast.  Other times it is some alone time for Bible study.  I have even read a chapter or two in a book just for fun.  Yet other times I just do the dishes and clean the kitchen alone and with no interruptions while listening to worship music.

These time outs have been so refreshing for me and hubby is happy to take the reigns for 30 minutes or an hour or so when I tell him my soul needs it.  It is so much better than struggling on and snapping at my kids or my husband as a result!



But, really, life has been very sweet lately.  There have been some good shifts in my thinking, some good encouragement and resources building me up, some good old fashioned organizing and purging, some good (for being 30 weeks pregnant with wakeful toddlers) sleep.  All of it has contributed to days that run more smoothly and to nights that are more relaxing.

I know that this life is not without sacrifice and not without suffering as we were reminded in our sermon this past Sunday, but there is still value in pursuing a life that is not complete and utter chaos.  There were times I felt that way, that my life was chaos, and I hated it.  So, these past few months have really been refreshing.  Oh, there are still tantrums and spills and continual dishes and laundry.  There are still financial stresses and projects and so. mnay. things. to. do. but it all just seems less stressful somehow and that, my friends, is the difference.


We rise with the kiddos a bit after 6am each day.  We make our morning beverages and cook up some breakfast.  We eat around the table and read the verse of the day from daddy’s app on his phone.  We give hugs and kisses and send daddy off.  We tidy up the kitchen and color and play.  We go outside for hours on end and mommy sometimes sneaks in Bible study or grading while the kids dig in the dirt.  We drink smoothies and eat snacks and the wee one naps.  We read books and do “School” and mommy cleans up.  There is tea time and Bible study after nap and maybe a walk or more time outside or an errand or lunch with daddy.  Then, we clean up for daddy and play some more while mommy folds laundry or preps for dinner.  Sometimes there is Curious George or the special treat of a movie.  Then, daddy is home and dinner is served and we gather together.  Play time follows and mama cleans up.  Then, off to brush our teeth with daddy and get our jammies on.  Some books on the couch, prayers in bed, plenty of blankets for the girls who now share the same twin bed.  Mommy and Daddy sneak off to exercise, or grade papers or study the word, or veg wit some netflix while pounding down delicious ice cream.  We check on our babes and head off to bed and someone may wake up in the night and then it begins again the next day.

And it is sweet.

These simple days.  They may seem monotonous or arduous to some and I suppose it is a bit like that. But this rhythm is a good one and I am so thankful for it.  Tomorrow could be helter skleter and I could wind up in tears at the end, but I know that is not going to be the pattern of our days.  I’m feeling ready for our third little nugget to join this family.  Ready to meet the challenge of three children under the age of four.

I may need to have more mommy time outs, but that is fine and good too.  Those times will come and I will meet them head on and will meet with my Lord in them. He is the drummer creating the rhythm and it is all, after all, for Him.


{Anatomy of a Rainy Day}


I’ve been longing for autumn.

It’s my favorite season and a season that hasn’t visited our town for a few years.

Living in a place with a much milder climate that I grew up in and also suffering a multi-year drought has left me parched (pun intended).

I’ve been obsessively showing my husband photos of fall foliage and drooling over the instagram accounts of those in the midwest. I want a real fall.  I want chill and rain and a reason to snuggle up under a blanket.

So, today, with the first REAL rain in ages (people in this area tend to view mist as rain), we’ve been doing all the things that have been on my heart.

Family snuggles in bed – miraculously this occurred at 6:30 despite the time change – were followed by breakfast together by candlelight and with the Netflix fire going in the background.

That netflix fire has been on ALL. DAY. LONG. along with intermittent music and candles everywhere.

There was some fun blanket snuggling in the girls’ room – a lovely place to watch the rain – some yoga time for mama which included duplo trains being driven on the yoga mat and mama being used as a tunnel while in downward dog.

There was puddle jumping and wet clothes.

There was cinnamon banana apple making and then eating while they were warm and fresh from the oven.

There were numerous books read while we snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

There was coloring and art projects galore.

There were a few chapters of A Little Princess with the toddler while snuggled in mama’s bed watching the rain outside.

There was Bible study.

There is potato, broccoli, and cheddar soup going in the crockpot.

There will be more snacks and playing and tidying up and laundry folding.

If the rain does stop, there will be a cool afternoon walk or possibly more puddle jumping time.

There will be a candlelit dinner for sure and then family time. There will be cozy pajamas and bedtime stories and most likely at least one crazy toddler who won’t want to go to sleep.

Then, finally, when the sky is dark and the air is fresh, I’ll open the windows.  I’ll keep the candles lit and the “fire” on and I’ll heat some cocoa up and hubby will do his Bible study preparations while I grade student papers.

Thank you, Lord, for a break from the heat and the monotony.  Thank you for reminders to slow down, stay in, and snuggle up.

Thank you for rain!

Is it raining where you are?  How do you enjoy a rainy day?

{Tips for Baking on a Regular Basis}


I’ve had numerous people comment on the fact that I bake or make a special dessert or bread side dish so often.

I do this about once a week and sometimes more.  I love doing it . . . I mean who doesn’t love dessert . . . and I’ve found it to be pretty easy as well.

I thought I’d share a few tips to help others who want to begin baking on a regular basis:


I make sure to always have the basic baking supplies on hand, so that I can bake on a whim easily.  The key ingredients to have are: flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, brown sugar, powdered sugar, eggs, butter, milk, various spices (cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, cream of tartar, ground ginger), crisco, some sort of chocolate (chocolate chips, cocoa powder, chocolate bars), yeast.


I leave my kitchen aid on the counter. I also have my measuring cups and spatulas in the drawer beneath it.  This makes everything easily accessible.  All of my baking ingredients are stored in the same cabinet (minus the flour, which I keep in the fridge). I also make a batch of cookies every few months and freeze the dough, so we can pop cookies into the oven whenever we feel like it!


Keeping my sink clean and counters cleared is a big factor in my baking.  Starting a baking project can be intimidating if the kitchen is already a mess.  I try to stay on top of the kitchen messes so if my daughter naps extra long or inspiration strikes or I find out I have company coming, I can quickly whip something up.


I am always trying new recipes. Also, if I feel like baking or have a random banana I need to use, I will search for a recipe that uses whatever ingredients I have on hand.  I do the same thing if I am missing an ingredient and I search for substitutes.  For example: no buttermilk?  no problem.  Just use regular milk with a little bit of vinegar and then let it sit! Snickerdoodles is an easy cookie to make when you are out of chocolate!


Most baking recipes are relatively quick and easy.  One mixing bowl, one pan, and about ten minutes of prep or less and then minimal clean up.  You’d be surprised. There are also a lot of great recipes that don’t require baking!

Here is a list and some links to some of my go-to desserts around these parts:

Do you have any tips to add?  Any go-to desserts?

{25 weeks – baby #3}



It’s been a bit since my last bump update.

Life is a busy, wonderful thing and while I may not have as many bump photos for this third child, in some ways I am more eager and emotional about her arrival than the others.

Perhaps it is the loss of two little ones before her.  Perhaps it is that I know now how quickly those baby days go by.

I am longing for a tiny one to hold in my arms again!


_MG_5623 _MG_5625 _MG_5626 _MG_5628


As you can see, I have grown A LOT in the past 6 weeks.  Like whoa!  I keep seeing people who are almost due and whose bumps are smaller than mine!  Yikes.  I am going to be a giant this time. Hence the switch to a maternity dress for these photos.

Oh well.

Overall this pregnancy has gone well.  I am very tired and more slow-moving than with my last two pregnancies and I am hungry all the time.   I also get braxton hicks pretty frequently, so it’s a bit uncomfortable.

The most exciting news is that with the help of some family, we were able to find a used car that will actually fit three children in car seats!  Hooray!  We won’t have to walk home from the hospital as I feared. HA!

We also have a name chosen . . . I think . . . I never really fully commit until the baby is in our arms.  It is a name we have considered for each child and a name I have loved forever, so chances are pretty high that it is a winner!

I can’t believe this little 9 inch, 1.7 lb girl will be here in 14 weeks (or less?)!


baby3 - 7weeks  baby314weeksbaby319weeks baby3-25weeks