{8 months}



We love her more and more each day. She is pretty much the sweetest baby that ever was.  She is changing every day and it is so fun to watch!




Welcome to my life . . .



Mom, no more pictures . . . I wanna play!



_MG_3215 _MG_3221

Also, I will now try to crawl away during all sitting up photo shoots.



_MG_3226 _MG_3230

Already choreographing dances together.




_MG_3233 _MG_3235 _MG_3236 _MG_3238 _MG_3243

{The Daily}

Well, hello there.



Yes, it has been awhile . . . again, but I sorta like it that way.  Just me and my girls and my man and our sweet little home in our sweet little town.

Life is busy, but in a simple sort of way. That is beginning to change as we near the start of the school year and my online teaching responsibilities begin.

Here is a peek into some of the things that make up our daily:



-laundry washed and on the line, dishes, wash the kitchen and bathroom floors, clean all surfaces in kitchen and bathroom. Water the plants, rake up the weeds in the front yard, collect eggs, tidy up the backyard, paint a board to hang hooks from, attach hooks, hang on outdoor wall, breakfast, lunch, dinner, naps, Bible study, lesson plan, send work e-mails, complete online reviews, spend some time on online job #3, frame a picture, make important phone calls, make the bed, work on potty training, read books with kids, color, paint outside, baths, host women’s Bible study.



- laundry, change Addie’s sheets, water all the plants, put soil in garden beds, collect eggs.  Let Addie paint outside, more lesson plans and e-mails, make baby food, wash the outside of the window, go for a walk and to the park, rock fussy baby.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, plant pumpkins, put away laundry, Bible study. Tacos with friends and a movie in the backyard.



- work in the garden, read with kids, paint with Addie. Collect eggs, laundry on the line.  Cook all meals, naps, Bible study, lesson plans, Online jobs. Put laundry away, make bed, continue potty-training. Wash dishes, put dishes away, play outside, Bible study. Plant seeds. Read five pages of a book for fun! Time with hubby.



- breakfast, laundry, gardening, paint a coffee table I got for free to use outside.  Clean kitchen, pack a lunch.  Head to Barn with kids and brother and cousins.  Attempt naps, work online (lesson planning, writing reviews, job #3). Scour craigslist for freebies. Play Duplos. Blog. Shoo the cats away that have recently been heckling the chickens. Make meals, including dinner for eight and more baby food.


It’s a busy life.  Often, a repetitive life.  But, it is repetition that I love.  Truly it is such a beautiful, wonderful life. Despite the difficulties and exhaustion that accompanies motherhood are so many tiny moments of ordinary wonder.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Appreciate your daily.  Treasure it.  Focus on the positives or the negatives just might steal your joy.




Would you like to see 5 million photos of my life?

Here you go.

I am linking up with Life.Rearranged again to share my daily life through the lens of instagram.  (I’m jenanninga if you want to follow).

Life is full and I am often overwhelmed, but truly I am so blessed and my trials are so small compared to what others face.

Hubby and I snuck out for a date night.  Sushi, followed by a delicious and overpriced milkshake. It was a special treat and such a great time together.


I threw an impromptu baby shower and was obsessed with this chalkboard.  I just need to have a baby boy and I can make a permanent version of this for his room.


There have been many early mornings here lately, so I am making the most of them.  Blankets and babies and books.


This truth.


I got some really cute new shoes for under $1 at Target.  I also got a rug for about $3.  I took a cute pic and then to keep it real I took a pic of what you typically find on my feet when I am doing laundry and taking out the trash.


I’ve been drinking more tea lately and the little one loves to drink it with me.  It is decaf, so I pour a bit into her tea cup and she sips away . . . with dirt on her nose.  Our little wild one. I so wonder who she will become.


Then, here she is looking adorable as we walked downtown.  I tend to have a lot of fears regarding safety, so the fact that I was letting her walk by herself without holding my hand or sitting strapped in a stroller was a pretty big deal!  She did great and it was a fun outing.


This one.  Crawling.  Everywhere.  She went from nothing to crawling, sitting up, and getting herself into a sitting position all in one week!


I was sewing a nursing cover for a baby shower gift and decided to make a little something for the toddler.  I didn’t use a pattern, but Meg’s aprons from Craft Weekend (basically my dream vacation) were my inspiration.

i9 i8

She has been really into the hammock lately and again I am letting go of my hovering nature and letting her explore on her own.  I worry she will fall out, but I am trying to worry less.


Date Night #2 for hubby and I.  A movie downtown at the Mission!  It was a blast.


I’m doing informal preschool at home with my toddler and we are working on letter recognition and sounds.  Puzzles it is.


School begins in a month, so I have begun getting my online classes in order.  Busy, busy, busy, but at least my office is nice.


I try to bake once a week and I had some bananas that needed to be used, but I needed two eggs.  So, I went outside to the coop and lo and behold there were two eggs.  I love having chickens!


Their accomplishments astound me:  sitting up and tracing letters! I love watching them grow and learn each day!

i2 i1

How was your week?  What are your weekend plans?  I am doing comfort food and a movie with my man tonight and then hopefully a lot of time outdoors this weekend as well as working on some projects and fellowshipping at church!  Whatever you do, do it well!

{Adventure Themed Baby Shower}

I threw an impromptu gender-neutral baby shower this weekend.  As in, the invitations went out one week before the shower.

Due to various circumstances that was all the notice that was possible and all the time we had to plan. In fact, I can’t even tell you who it was for!

However, it was so fun to plan and prepare for.  I wish I could just plan parties for a living.

Thankfully, I was able to host and decorate the party with things I already had on hand or made using items I already possessed.

I created the invitations on picmonkey as usual. Then, I mailed them in my favorite, inexpensive brown envelopes from Michael’s.  I like using fun colored pens and big, cute fonts on the envelope, along with the occasional ink stamp.

I made numerous word art items using picmonkey and adventure-themed phrases that I stole from the internet.

Then, I pulled together any items in my stash that fit the color scheme!

Some gingham fabric, a lace tablecloth, napkins and paper straws I have been hoarding. Notecards, leftover decorations from Addie’s first birthday party.  Random furniture from my house and my mother-in-law’s house.

I made some additional decorations using scrapbook paper, cardstock, baker’s twine, traditional twine, stick on letters, and window crayons.  It was a blast and turned out great!

My awesome girlfriends helped out with food and some extra flowers and all I had to do the day of was set up, make coffee, take photos, and clean up.

I love throwing parties for friends and am so glad that I have another shower to plan for October!



We wrote encouraging notes for the mama to read during her baby’s first year.



_MG_3028 _MG_3031 _MG_3032 _MG_3033 _MG_3034

Hubby made adorable mini cupcake stands for party favors.



_MG_3035 _MG_3037 _MG_3039


Sunflowers (later adorned with green hydrangeas) and a guessing game of “baby” spoken in different languages.



Shower curtain photo booth, pom poms, and paper straws.




Iron-on, adventure-themed onesies.


_MG_3044 _MG_3045 _MG_3046

Delicious breakfasty goodness made by my friends!  Literally, all I did was heat up syrup.




_MG_3047 _MG_3048


We took some awesome group shots, but the pregnancy hasn’t been officially announced and I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder, so I leave you with this adorable shot.  You’re welcome.

Time to plan for he next one.  Hooray!


Hi all!

I have a a lot of friends and family who are involved in ministry.

Some of those friends are having a big fundraiser in August!

Ryan and Emily Pahler have been volunteering and working for FCA for years.  They are trying to raise funds for FCA and to support Emily officially coming on staff!

Nanninga-Wedding-110 Nanninga-Wedding-205

We love this couple!  They were both in our wedding and their little boy is the same age as Addie.

You can visit the hubby’s fundraising page  to support or to learn more about how you can give to this awesome ministry!

Also, check out the FCA website to learn more about what they do!


Oh hey, insta-friday, it’s been awhile.

Sometimes I feel bad that my second child has mostly instagram photos rather than “real camera” photos.  Then, other times, I am so grateful for phone cameras and the ability to quickly snap a photo and to preserve a moment in time.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on insta-friday and linkes up with Life Rearranged, so here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to the past few weeks!

Also, I realize it is not Friday anymore . . . but . . . life.


So, here a bajillion pictures for you to look at.  Okay, it’s just  20, but it feels like a lot! (I’m jenanninga on insta if you want to follow.)

There have been some vacations, some slow days, some busy days.  Good, tough, fun, mundane, but ultimately wonderful days.


I met up with a bunch of girlfriends that I have known since junior high.  We all have babies now.  It’s so surreal! Also, the child on the far left almost weighs as much as my peanut two-year-old.  Also, I want to squish his cuteness.

We took a trip to Tahoe last month as well.  Hiking, swimming in high-altitude lakes, Stand-up paddle boarding.  Such a nice escape.

insta20 insta19

We try to have lunch with daddy once a week.  Usually we hit up a nearby park, but this time we snuck out to the beach and explored a “secret tunnel”. I may or may not have been panicky that Addie was going to fall through one of the holes in the tunnel into the foamy and perilous sea below!  The struggle is real.

The beach is so nearby, but we don’t go nearly enough.  We made a trip and spent some time near the estuary instead of the big waves.  It was perfect for the kiddos to play . . . and the adults . . . as you may notice my two brothers building sand castles with nary a child in sight.



insta18 insta17


I’ve been reading some fantastic books and this one – Women Living Well – has been speaking to me on so many levels.

Addie was once afraid of the goats at THE BARN, but no longer.  She even attempts to pet them now.  Also, her cousin is her BFF. Also, she has more style than me . . . then again, I dress her, sooo . . . hopefully that counts for something.





insta16 insta15

I’m back on the baby-food making wagon (Also, I almost typed baby-making, which would have been awkward).

Beads for Daaaayyyyzzzz . . . but no pants. To each his own.



insta14 insta13

We climbed a mountain with Aunt Julie!  It was a nice treat since hiking by myself with both kids isn’t really an option at this point for me. Although it would be humorous for others to see me with one child on my back and one on the front . . . my old lady knees and completely out-of-shape self would not find it humorous. AT. ALL.

Hey, look, a photo not of my kids!  I’ve been doing some free and easy upgrades around the house.  Gold sharpie and white lampshade. BOOM.




insta12 insta11

Picnics are our favorite.  However, Addie has not gotten the memo that one is required to eat food at a picnic.  Actually I think she didn’t get the memo that one needs to eat food to survive!  Thank the Lord for milk.

Ellery, on the other hand, acts ravenous each time I feed her.  She loves her food!


insta10 insta9

Cousins and sisters!






insta8 insta7

I posted this EPIC photo of Addie being a Diva on instagram and one friend said it looked like she was auditioning for Footloose. Whatever she was doing, she did it awesomely!

However, I don’t want her to dance for a living, so we began some informal “school lessons”.  We made a binder and I take a little time each week that is very intentional to practice letters, letter sounds, number recognition, counting, drawing shapes, and other simple concepts and skills.  It’s been really fun so far and it is a nice time for Addie and I to have just to ourselves.



insta6 insta5

My hubby made me some cool things for hanging my jewelry.  We already had all the materials, so it was all free.  Score!

Addie loves rocks.  Like . . . looooooves them.  She also loves painting.  So she painted rocks, and paper, and her face, and her arms, and legs, and her armpits.  Then I cleaned her off with the cold hose water and a spray nozzle.  Payback.



insta4 insta3

My life felt luxurious today.  My sister-in-law and her BF watched the girls while I went to a baby shower tea in a cute coastal town, and then hubby and I used a gift certificate for sushi and  a bomb milkshake downtown. (Related: Do people use the term “bomb” anymore? Like cool people.  Do cool people say that?  Wait, do people say “cool” anymore?  sick? sweet? I’m so out of the loop, or old, or both).



insta2 insta1


Well . . . there are 20 snapshots into our lives lately!  What have you been doing?  Any epic plans in the near future?  We’re going to spray our house for ants tomorrow.  Thrilling, I know.





{7 months}



Our little one is seven months old and I can honestly say she is the happiest, sweetest, and easiest baby these days.

Sure there are nights here and there where she wakes up once and refuses to sleep unless I nurse her.

Sure, she is a little clingy and sleepy this week with her runny nose.

It’s true that she refuses to drink a bottle of either formula or breast milk.

But, really, she is basically the best.



_MG_2928 _MG_2932 _MG_2933 _MG_2964 _MG_2967